My name is HANK MOHASKI, and I am solely responsible for the design and maintenance of this website, as well as all of the content, unless otherwise noted.  Naturally, the most important content here is the monthly EVERYTHINGATHON! podcast, which I am responsible for preparing for streaming on the internet.  While I am often the creator and host of these podcasts, there are occasionally other people, often from WBST 109.5 FM, featured...MITCH LOVITZ has been a longtime disc jockey at WBST, and is featured every January on our year-end request recap episode, as well as one or two other episodes in any given year.  Other notable WBST personalities previously featured on the EVERYTHINGATHON! podcast include weatherman WALTER ARMSTRONG, disc jockey TITS McQUEEN, the elusive and enigmatic BIGFOOT, who happens to be a good friend of ours, BIG JIMMMMI CAKEFINGERS and ORNETTE YUKAHIRO, better known as our copyright infringing, sampling stallion friends, TAPE JAZZ MASSACRE, and the ancient and alluring DJ ZEUS.  I should also mention our two Podbots, TREVOR HASTINGS 4.2, and HAZEL BURKE 2.0, who are essentially artificial intelligence software programs (patent pending) designed to operate a radio studio and produce radio programs.  Ayup.  And finally, a hearty ahoy hoy and thank you to DEJECT, a friend in OKC who very generously provides us server storage and hosting for this website.  Gracias.


EVERYTHINGATHON! is a monthly, hour-long podcast available on this website in 128k mp3 format.  Each podcast is centered loosely around a theme, and most episodes contain a collection of songs somehow related to that month's theme, and naturally some rambling and ranting by the host about the topic at hand...The word "everythingathon" is an old slang term for "orgy", a term I first appropriated for the title of an instrumental song called "Everythingathon!" from my 1995 album Full-Flavored, which was an all-instrumental album about sex, and more importantly, meant to be played during sex.  "Everythingathon!" was the last, long, anthemic blow out of a song on the album...When I decided to start doing a podcast back in 2001-2002, I was at a loss for a name, until obviously deciding that "everythingathon" pretty well represented what I envisioned my podcast to be, and essentially what it has become over the years.  Longtime listeners can attest to the variety of music and topics heard on EVERYTHINGATHON!, not to mention some of the narrative and format experiments I try from time to time...EVERYTHINGATHON! is an orgy of audio entertainment...

THRESHOLD REMNANTS are nothing more and nothing less than the tattered remains of my previous website, THEE BUTTERSCOTCH THRESHOLD, which was awesome in content and charming in execution from March 2002 to August 2007...The EVERYTHINGATHON! podcast had it's debut on THEE BST, and the site was also home to MUCKO!, the KIETH THE PERPETUAL TEEN comic strip, THE SWIRLING HALL OF PRESIDENTS, THEE SINISTRAL LEAGUE, record reviews, film criticisms, TAPE JAZZ MASSACRE, BSTV, and so much more...Alas, all things must come to pass, even mythical and legendary websites like THEE BUTTERSCOTCH THRESHOLD...As time goes by, I'll excavate the file folders of that site, and add as many other BST artifacts as I can...So, check back from time to time, and see what's new...I'll definitely be adding the best of MUCKO!, and I'll add some comic strips from time to time as well...Stay tuned, babycakes!


The EVERYTHINGATHON! podcast, this website, and WBST 109.5 FM broadcast originate in MADISON, WISCONSIN, and end somewhere deep in yr sweet, sweet noodle.


A new EVERYTHINGATHON! podcast has debuted on the 1st of every month since January 2002.  Other updates to this website are a bit more random.  Stay on yr toes.


Boredom, curiosity, desire, egotism, validation, loneliness, showbiz tendencies, self-satisfaction, stress-reduction, a noble spirit, and most of all, to impress the ladies.


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